Stress Less … Prosper More!

Effortless Power for Unprecedented Success

stress less Prosper MoreThis talk-training focuses on Stress Management & Workplace Wellness, offering unique holistic tools for businesses and personnel to function at their best. While stress can be ‘good’ as a motivating force, the demands of today’s high speed, multi-tasking, intensely competitive workplaces often lead to damaging ‘bad’ stress symptoms such as:

→ exhaustion, disrupted sleep, irritability, anxiety, depression, terse communication, distorted thinking, poor decision-making, reduced creativity, lower productivity, illnesses and disease – and many more.

Stress Less…Prosper More! training delves into fuller understandings of what stress is, how it looks and feels, and the neuro-physiology of the fight-flight-freeze response. We examine the ways in which stress hijacks mental clarity, emotional intelligence, physical well-being and ultimately peak productivity. Health, harmony and happiness are not end-products but rather the engines underlying the bottom line in optimal personal and business performance.

stress less Prosper MoreThrough dynamic interactive exercises, participants learn 7 Core Keys to stop the ‘Stress Mess’ and access the ‘Integrated Zone’ of effortless power. They gain innovative body-mind skills to quickly reduce and even avoid stress; respond from centered presence; be more pro-active and less reactive; and maintain energy, focus and balance. As Stress Less strategies are implemented, workplace wellness and teamwork are strengthened so business can flourish.

Learning is fun, effective and impossible to forget. People come away feeling re-energized, re-focused and re-committed to their own well-being and that of their business. A bonus benefit is that these 7 Core Keys are universal, so each participant is equipped with new self-mastery skills to excel in anything they put their mind and body to, be it business, parenting, golf, tennis … you name it!

Jamie’s humor, focus and hands-on direction make it extremely effortless TO LEARN and TO APPLY what you have learned. She is truly a master of relationship- Helice B, Speaker/Author, Difference Makers, Inc

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Stress Less … Prosper More is offered as a half or full-day interactive training session, and in private 1-1 Coaching with Jamie. Printable Training Description

The training works very well as part of a 2-3 part training series in conjunction with Peaceful Power Leadership and / or KiAi Conflict Management sessions.

* All KiAi Business trainings are geared to your particular situation and customized to meet your specific needs. 

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