The KiAi Way

‘The KiAi Way’ is linguistically a counterpart to the Japanese word ‘Aikido’ which signifies the modern non-violent Martial Art of Peace as well as an integrated, balanced, harmonious way of living.

As an approach to wellness and excellence, The KiAi Way® springs from the art of Aikido itself. It provides a unique synthesis of eastern and western disciplines that reveals how energy works through the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our human beings and in the world in which we live. What has emerged is a deep yet direct understanding that excellence requires integration, and the body is essential as our ‘base of operations’. The KiAi Way offers you fresh, easily applied, more enjoyable and more effective ways to reach better desired results in your life, that are real and lasting – in business, on the golf course or any playing field, at home, and in your own health and well-being.

All KiAi Way Trainings gain their power from these key inter-related features:

In every moment and activity, all of a person’s faculties are being simultaneously stimulated and employed. It is therefore vital to train your capacity to act from Integrated Intelligence, where you are able to access and balance:
Left & Right: sides of your body, and brain hemispheres
Lower & Upper: parts of your body, and aspects of consciousness
Inner & Outer: within yourself, connecting with the world ‘out there’
Mind & Body / Thought & Action / Analytical & Intuitive / Material, Emotional & Spiritual

Albert Einstein once said: “Learning is Experience. All the rest is just information.” Experiential training makes things easier to learn and harder to forget. It brings real life to what might otherwise remain simply interesting information, so that what you learn becomes a part of you and genuinely useful.

‘Soma’ is the Greek word referring to ‘the body’. Somatic learning is mind-body learning: paying attention to physical sensations, actions and reactions. People today operate so much from their heads and in dissociated virtual reality, rather than from the heart or fully embodied living. Using somatic awareness skills, we can better understand how mental, emotional and physical systems interrelate, and expand our capabilities and choices as we interact with other people and the world. The KiAi Way, while rooted in a broad range of sound ancient wisdom and modern information, brings learning alive – and makes it fun! – through somatic body-based training methods.

Just like kids, we all learn best when we are fully engaged and having fun. KiAi Way Trainings offer important intellectual-cognitive information, while providing interactive demonstrations and exercises that utilize all of our senses and learning modes (right-left brain / visual-auditory-kinesthetic). When information is experienced, and presented in lively ways for people to interact and play with, learning becomes most effective and can lead to powerful lasting improvements and unexpected results.

The KiAi Way® talks, trainings and programs are all tailored to fit your needs and help you reach your goals – whether at work or play, and in your essential health and well-being. Please enjoy the website and discovering The KiAi Way!

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