Peaceful Power Leadership

Peaceful Power Leadership

Peaceful Power Leadership (PPL) provides guiding concepts and somatic skills aimed to enhance your leadership style and magnify your abilities to: a) motivate, build trust and bring out the best in your workforce b) reduce stress, maintain health and balance, and optimize business results as you handle the constant challenges, pressures and responsibilities of being a leader.

PPL teaches integrated self-mastery tools, emphasizing the power and benefits of harmony as the core of great leadership. Through experiential mind-body practices we will explore and gain greater proficiency in:

  •  The Body Language of Leadership and ‘embodying your message’
  • Choosing leadership styles and expanding your ‘management toolkit’
  • Communicating effectively!
  • Peaceful Power Presence to generate more compelling, charismatic and responsive leadership
  • Keys to empowering employees, building team cohesion and ‘black belt’ businesses
  • Mobilizing creativity, commitment and accountability – to reach new levels of productivity and profitability
  • Stressing less and prospering more as a leader

peaceful power leadership

PPL training goes beyond technical expertise, ‘being the boss’ and particular management styles, to develop central leadership qualities needed to bring forth the best in individuals, teams and organizations.

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Peaceful Power Leadership is offered as a half or full-day interactive training session, and in private 1-1 PPL Coaching with Jamie. Printable Training Description

The training works very well as part of a 2-3 part training series in conjunction with Stress Less … Prosper More and / or KiAi Conflict Management sessions.

* All KiAi Business trainings are geared to your particular situation and customized to meet your specific needs.

Sensei: Everyone in our group is still buzzing that you’re one of the best speaker resources ever.- Eric, Vistage CEO

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