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I was a World Series MVP softball player in college, and have golfed on and off for 40 years. When I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, I was devastated as an athlete. When I met Jamie I didn’t know she’d become my hero, my mentor in golf and in life. After just one all-day workshop, my game is SO much better! Jamie blends the spiritual, kinesthetic, and bodywork aspects of all movement with golf. Our small group practiced centered strokes, positioning, fitness, flexibility, and always being in balance. Then we played a round with her. She was always positive, never demeaning, and encouraged each person with great enthusiasm. I can’t believe the drastic difference in my game. My swing is slower, yet produces more power and accuracy. I finish 18 and want to play another nine!!! NEVER was I able to do this. Better mechanics, not muscling the club and ball so much, more birdies, consistent pars. I’m down in the 70’s, ALL DUE TO JAMIE!- Laura, School Principal, Los Angeles


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