KiAi Golf Instructional DVD Package

Holistic Golf Instruction Like No Other!

Blending Pro Golf Technique + Body-Mind Fitness + Martial Arts Power & PrecisionKiAi Golf Instructional DVD Series

From newer to tour players, the award-winning KiAi Golf DVD Package enables every golfer to truly swing and score like never before. The Golf Sensei introduces new ideas and exercises guaranteed to improve your physical and mental fitness, focus, confidence and course management. Increase your power, accuracy and consistency

Includes 3 dynamic innovative instructional films:

1. KiAi Golf 1: The Universal Principles For Success:
Gives you a whole new framework and “centered fundamentals” to build and / or upgrade your swing and game with a phenomenal new sense of balance, integration, relaxation and unified mind-body action.

2. 18 Holes of Golf BLISS: Make Your Golf Club Your Health Club:
Balance ♦ Lengthen ♦ Integrate ♦ Stretch ♦ Strengthen

18 must-do exercises using your golf club for BLISSful golfing!
Warm-up your golf muscles & mind
Set your balance & rhythm
Get your energy & power flowing.

Fun. Easy To Do. Transformative.

KATA means “Form” in Japanese – and the golf swing is a repeating form:
Backswing → Downswing-impact → Follow-through

Discover & practice Jamie’s 6 never-before seen GOLF SWING KATAS / FORMS to:

  • Ingrain proper swing mechanics & muscle memory
  • Groove-in effective, repeatable, reliable swings
  • Dissolve bad swing habits
  • Improve connection, timing, accuracy, consistency
  • Gain trust, calm & confidence on the golf course

PLUS: Fully illustrated Companion Manuals &Foldout Pocket Guide

Price: $79

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Jamie, your KiAi Golf Instructional Series resonates so much it cannot be put into words! Since utilizing your DVDs and manuals, my golf game & fitness have improved dramatically and last week I shot my low round of the year, a 78. Now I personally know why so many refer to you as the finest mind-body golf instructor today. Keep doing what you do so well – teaching, inspiring, imparting wisdom, and getting people to feel better about themselves and play better golf. You are in a league of your own and I am honored to call you my teacher. You are The Golf Sensei!- Bill Sferro, The Retired Coach, Boxgroove Founder

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