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Developed by LPGA Pro Jamie Leno Zimron, KiAi Golf is powerful holistic golf instruction that takes you where today’s top touring pros play – The Integrated Mind-Body Zone  where the keys to unlock your own best swings and scores are waiting.

Why is Integration so important? Because even the latest greatest clubs, fitness or swing techniques do not optimize performance by themselves. Golfers are multi-faceted human beings playing an all-at-once physical, mental, emotional and spiritual game. The missing factor for real improvement is the golfer’s ability to get everything working in harmony and in-synch = Integration!

KiAi Golf teaches golfers of all ages and levels how to utilize their natural energy (KI) and lower-body power, instead of brute upper-body force. Engaging their center, core and legs rather than swinging at the ball using only arms and hands. Developing the integration (AI) skills needed to ‘swing in-synch’ – so timing, tempo, rhythm and balance quickly improve. Mastering their thoughts and emotions on the golf course to make better swings and shots, with confidence and consistency. Golf scores go down while overall fitness, focus and fun rise – both on and off the golf course.

Newer players learn more quickly as they create positive full-swing and short game habits. Mid- and low-handicappers gain new fitness and centered skills to take their game to the next level to break 100 / 90 / 80. Pros and competitive players make breakthroughs, both physical and mental, to reach their personal goals. Instructors incorporate new insights and exercises to reach their teaching potential.

“After you have learned the basic principles of gripping the club, addressing the ball,
swinging with a degree of smoothness and the proper action in the hands, wrists, shoulders,
hips and knees, your goal is to make these factors work in unison.”
Babe Didrikson Zaharias, Championship Golf ,1948

Putting – Short Game – Full Swing – Shotmaking

Golf Instruction Like No Other, with The Golf Pro Like No Other!

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KiAi Golf

Jamie Sensei, What a pleasure to see your KiAi Golf Training! I recognized you from the fabulous Aikido Demonstration you once gave at a women’s martial arts tournament in San Diego. You display such wonderful skill not only at your art, but in engaging your audience. I love how you blend Aikido with golf, and show how practicing one easily melds into the other. In my 35 years of training and teaching I have never enjoyed a live presentation of martial arts (or golf) more. Thank you for your wonderful gifts – and your great help with my golf game!- Sensei Bill Giltner, Bukedokai Fighting Arts, Bonita, CA

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