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Corporate SpeakingThrough The KiAi Way at Work, Jamie brings a ‘black belt’ mindset and skill-set to your business and employees. She provides fresh perspectives, insights and unique implementation training to vital business concerns, enhancing leadership; workplace wellness; conflict management; team-building; creativity; and bottom-line productivity and profitability.

Customized trainings bring immediate tools for positive results in thought process, emotional intelligence, physical health, communication and relationship-building … to support the kind of leadership, organizational cohesion, creativity and productivity that are essential to professional success.

CEOs, Key Management personnel and front-line staff in a wide variety of work environments (e.g. large and small companies, non-profits, medical and care facilities, schools, sports programs, executive women, 1-1 coaching, etc.) are utilizing KiAi Way principles and practices. Jamie guides people to ‘The Integrated Zone’ where they can:

THINK more clearly and creatively. Exercise better judgment and decision-making.
FEEL calmer, less stressed, more available. Reduce frustration, anger, anxiety, illness. Lower absenteeism, ‘brain-drain’, medical costs.
ACT more pro-actively and less reactively. Avoid damaging behaviors.
ESTABLISH positive personal habits and a company culture of cooperation and collaboration
IMPROVE relationships and results with colleagues, co-workers, clients, customers – and family members.

KiAi BusinessTraining options include:
Half or Full Day Seminars / Series of Training Seminars
Keynote Talk-Trainings
Conferences & Retreats
Special Events
Individual Coaching & Ongoing Mentoring

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Jamie travels regularly throughout the country and Canada as a Speaker for Vistage International and The Executive Committee (TEC Intl), as well as teaching KiAi Golf, Aikido, and Body-Mind Fitness seminars.

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