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Golf BLISS FitnessMost golfers shape their swings around aches and injuries, tight stiff muscles, and aging. These factors often limit and distort proper swing motion, cutting down distance, accuracy, confidence, consistency, and even endurance around the golf course. This all leads to higher scores and frustration and a lot less fun!

Like today’s tour pros, golfers at every level are appreciating how important fitness is to playing great golf. Through Golf BLISS, Jamie has created an ‘all-in-one’ golf fitness system that integrates essential elements of exercise, bodywork, martial arts and sports psychology directly into swing training and improved
physical and mental golf fitness.

Golf BLISS GirlsWhat’s so unique about Golf BLISS Fitness exercises:

  • They were created for golfers by a golf pro.
  • They relate directly to the golf swing.
  • They strengthen your core and center, engaging the power of your hips and legs to create consistently great swing motion.
  • They’re legal! The exercises are done with your golf club, so you have quick and handy ways to re-focus, re-center and re-energize as needed – right on the golf course!
  • Golf BLISS FitnessThey are designed to build mind-body connection, for you to achieve better control of both your physical movement and mental game.
  • You can work on your golf swing anytime, anywhere, rain or shine, at home or work or the golf course. And the exercises are easily learned and always interesting.
  • You can be very old or very young. In great shape or out of shape. A high handicapper or an accomplished competitor. The exercises benefit everyone and will improve every aspect of your game.

Golf BLISS is truly Golf Fitness: a holistic blend of golf mechanics with mindfulness and physical fitness, for well-being in your golf game and your life ~

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*Golf BLISS DVD is available to purchase as part of the award winning KiAi Golf Instructional DVD Series


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