Conflict Resolution

Keys to ‘Productive Conflict’

Conflict ResolutionSuccessful conflict management is crucial for businesses and relationships to flourish. Effective executives are skilled at resolving and reducing conflict, and nurturing a company culture that works for everyone to work in productive alignment.

Conflict arouses stress responses in our bodies, biochemistry, thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Depending on how we manage these responses, conflict can become a costly destructive force or a rich transformative resource.

KiAi Conflict Resolution is rooted in a non-force approach to reducing negative discord and keeping harmony high. It allows people to explore how they think, feel and act under conflict conditions. Fresh perspectives and upgraded conflict management skills are designed for everyone to realize the productive potential in conflict.

Dynamic training focuses on the power of grounded self-awareness, de-escalation techniques, and win-win communication tools for prosperous outcomes. Training includes:

  • Conflict ResolutionClarifying the values and qualities that define your company’s working environment
  • Knowing what your words and body language are saying, and monitoring your messages
  • Reducing on-the-job conflict by applying neuroscience insights to properly meet human needs in the workplace
  • De-escalation & Conflict Transformation Techniques
  • Listening Skills That Work!
  • The Benefits of Win-Winning
Jamie is incredible in both intellectual instruction as well as grounding the energy of inner peace and power into outer forms.”- Robert S, Real Estate & Business Developer, NYC

  Enter the Conflict Transformation Zone!

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 KiAi Conflict Management is offered as a half or full-day interactive training session.

It works very well as part of a 2-3 part training series in conjunction with Stress Less … Prosper More and / or Peaceful Power Leadership sessions.

* All KiAi Business trainings are geared to your particular situation and customized to meet your specific needs.

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