BLISS Core Fitness

‘Being in shape’ really means the harmonious forms we create when we cultivate integrated body-mind fitness.

BLISSworks is a powerful holistic workout of easily doable core fitness exercises. It incorporates some of the finest elements of Yoga, Callanetics and Pilates. Yet BLISS exercises are absolutely unique in the way they bring about centering, strength and balanced energy flow throughout your entire body and mind.

Balance: Build stability and grounded presence
Lengthen: Decompress your spine, expand range-of-motion
Integrate: Increase coordination: Left-Right / Upper-Lower / Inner-Outer / Mind-Body
Stretch: Enjoy greater flexibility, energy & freedom of movement
Strengthen: Build strong core & peripheral muscles, rehabilitate injuries, restore healthy function

The Exercises are direct, with immediate effects. They quickly loosen both the small and large, inner and outer muscles of your back, shoulders, neck, hips, legs, arms, hands and wrists. They decompress and align your spine. They require no special equipment and can be done anywhere, at any time. BLISS exercises are easily learned, can be done by anyone, and benefit everyone.

BLISSworks was created by fitness innovator Juawayne Kettler in San Diego, CA.  After working with Juawayne and resolving chronic back pain and shoulder injuries, Jamie began sharing the core BLISS exercises in a wide variety of venues and adapting them to create Golf BLISS and Office BLISS. 

Just 5-15 minutes of BLISS Fitness a day:
The body is renewed. Mental and emotional stress is relieved.
You feel a wonderful sense of balance and well-being … BLISS!

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BLISSworks! The Original Core Workout DVD
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