合 AI    Love – Harmony – Oneness
気 KI    Life Energy
道 DO  The Way

Aikido is a non-violent Japanese martial art teaching people to connect to themselves and the world in integrated, harmonious ways. It uniquely teaches body-mind skills to calmly manage pressure and stress, and resolve threat and conflict peacefully. It provides practical training to transform reactive tendencies of fear, hatred and aggression into positive energy and action, through the unitive power of harmony (AI).

Aikido is known as The Martial Art of Peace, and informs all of The KiAi Way® trainings. Through understanding and embodying the natural laws that govern how life-force (Ki) moves through our ‘energy systems’ of body-mind-emotion-spirit we gain:

  • New awareness of and access to our internal power
  • Greater coordination and relaxed power
  • Skills to be centered, strong and balanced
  • Improved health, focus and fitness
  • New capabilities to manage stress and resolve conflicts

The KiAi Way applies peaceful power principles and practices of Aikido to create a roadmap to the ‘Integrated Zone’.  Trainings help people to minimize resistance and opposition, optimize challenge, maximize performance, and achieve the results they desire in any moment or endeavor.

Jamie Sensei, 5th Degree Black Belt, began training in 1975 at Stanford University with Frank Doran Shihan, and has trained with a wide scope of Aikido masters. She established the Women’s Aikido School / Aikido Arts Center of San Francisco; ran university Aikido programs; helped introduce Aikido into the ex-Soviet Union; is a Senior Trainer for the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation; co-founded the Association of Women Martial Arts Instructors, Israel Women’s Martial Arts Federation, and the Middle East Aikido Peace Project; and serves on the Board of Aiki Extensions. Jamie Sensei teaches seminars throughout the United States and world, in Aikido as well as in other martial arts dojos, and adapts Aikido practices for people to benefit in all walks of life and fields of endeavor.

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Rehovot, Israel 2012

Dear Sensei, Thank you for your inspired class – we all received so much in such a short time and feedback has been amazing. From your work with the Balance Board, students are able to feel their hips (moving from center), or where they’re forcing from the shoulders. Thanks so much for sharing your passion for Aikido and the spreading of O Sensei’s mission of peace. We’d love for you to come back to our dojo!- Matt Fluty Sensei Aikido Center of Sacramento

Thanks for your awesome class! It is already changing the way I see Aikido. Your demo after class of how Aikido movement works for golf reminds me that when you are moving correctly in Aikido, everything gets better.- Jeff B, Aikido of Reno

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