Everything is Energy! Understanding how energy works through your physical body, thoughts, emotions and interactions with the world around you is at the heart of peak performance, well-being and success. The KiAi Way® uniquely synthesizes eastern and western disciplines into power-packed, innovative Mind-Body trainings to help you reach better desired results in your life, that are real and lasting – in business, on the golf course or any playing field, at home, and in your own health and fitness. Continue reading…


The KiAi Golf Instructional Package HOLIDAY SALE
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Order Today to truly take your game to new levels in 2017 utilizing KiAi Golf’s Holistic Principles, Body-Mind Golf Fitness & Swing Patterning exercises. You’ll receive The Golf Sensei’s evergreen classic Package of 3 award-winning Instructional DVD’s + Companion Booklets + Pocket Guide to all the exercises.

  • “Jamie’s instruction using peaceful power sources, plain common sense and nurtured techniques are what it’s all about. She knows how to put it all together. As a coach and trainer, she ranks among the most qualified instructors in golf.” Shirley Spork, LPGA Founder and Creator of the LPGA Teaching Division, Palm Springs
  • “I’m so glad I got your DVD’s, just what golfers are missing and need. Highly recommended!”
PGA Teaching Pro, Pennsylvania
  • “Thank you Jamie, you are truly the best! My body, mind and golf game are all doing so much better. I’m in my mid-70s and can shoot my age!” Golf Digest Course Rater, South Florida
  • “Jamie’s centered teachings are the keys to proper set-up and swings that you can repeat, with power and confidence. I’m scoring again!” Former LPGA Tour Player, Oregon
  • “The KiAi Way makes so much sense, just amazing!” Denver CEO, Member Vistage International

Golfers and Instructors: Discover imap My Golf Game!
As seen on Golf Channel. Take this premier personal golf profile online to gain vital information for upgrading your physical, mental and emotional game. Includes great reports and teaching aids for pros and instructors.
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Golf Schools for Women!

Watch for Raise Your Game, Trouble Shots and EveryBusinessWoman Golf retreats in 2017 at Chardonnay GC in Napa / dates TBD.  Or Contact Us to schedule near you with your golfing friends and business associates.

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