Everything is Energy! Understanding how energy works through your physical body, thoughts, emotions and interactions with the world around you is at the heart of peak performance, well-being and success. The KiAi Way® uniquely synthesizes eastern and western disciplines into power-packed, innovative Mind-Body trainings to help you reach better desired results in your life, that are real and lasting – in business, on the golf course or any playing field, at home, and in your own health and fitness. Continue reading…

KIAI GOLF TRAINING DAY in Madison, Wisconsin!
Sunday, July 12, 2015
An exciting and fun Golf School Like No Other with Jamie Sensei
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August 8-9th, 2015
Women of all skill levels: Join Jamie Sensei and LPGA Pro Rebecka Heinmert for an unforgettable game-changing weekend at Chardonnay Golf Course, in the vineyards of Napa Valley! Info / Registration

A Genuine Game-Changer for just $99: The KiAi Golf Instructional Package
“Thank you Jamie – My body, mind and golf game are all doing so much better!”
Golf Digest Course Rater, Florida
“The KiAi Way makes so much sense, just amazing!”
Denver CEO, Member of Vistage International

BLISS Fitness: Happily Get In Shape!

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Train with Jamie Sensei and The KiAi Way in your area in 2015!

  • January: San Diego, Central Florida
  • February: South Florida
  • March: Washington DC / Virginia
  • April-May: Sacramento, Las Vegas
  • June: Wisconsin, Colorado
  • July: Wisconsin, Phoenix, Michigan
  • August: Ohio, Florida
  • Septemer: Pittsburgh
  • November: Phoenix, Portland

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